Specialty Stain Removal

Chem-Dry of Franklin Lakes Specialty Stain Removal

The furniture in your home, as well as your carpets, say a good deal about you! They’ll say a good deal nicer things if you get them cleaned regularly, and take care of those nasty stains and spots. Treat your carpets right, and use Chem-Dry of Franklin Lakes for removing any kind of stain! We take care of your carpets and furniture the way you would treat them yourself, this means you can trust Chem-Dry of Franklin Lakes to provide quality service, for an affordable price.
wine spilled on white carpet

Safe For Home and the Environment

Able to get out even the most challenging Franklin Lakes stains, including wine, tomato juice, blood, and grass, you can trust the industry experts at Chem-Dry of Franklin Lakes to treat the stain without causing harm to your home. Virtually all spots and stains can be removed with our Specialty Franklin Lakes Stain Removal service because we've got innovative techniques and an experience, trustworthy team. This is why the Chem-Dry motto is "If we can't get it out, no one can!" You can trust Chem-Dry of Franklin Lakes to provide the most professional stain removal Franklin Lakes has!

If we can’t remove it, no one can!

You might have encountered the trouble of “permanent” blemishes. These are the blemishes that do not come out with regular techniques, the kind of blemish that lots of cleaning companies won’t go near. We can easily clean numerous stains, including: grass, wine, dirt and mud, coffee, pet accidents, blood, and food stains. We will set reasonable expectations right before we start working. If these troublesome areas have been in your house for long time periods, they may not be able to be completely removed, but the Chem-Dry way will decrease the mark's visibility.

There is no better time to remove any spot or stain than today! You can trust Chem-Dry of Franklin Lakes to treat your carpets or furniture like we would our own, restoring it to its original shine. We offer the best chance at removing offending stains so don’t hesitate to call! We can remove spots as well as stains from your carpets at an affordable price, so take advantage of our premier service and call today!

Request an Estimate Click HereChem-Dry of Franklin Lakes provides a solution called Protectant to address spots and stains before they are a threat. Co-applied with our cleaning service, this product will shield your home from within the fibers of the upholstery or carpeted area that it is applied to, as opposed to just the surface. A lot of stain causing agents and liquids are repelled by our beneficial strategy, making your home easily maintainable between professional cleanings.

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